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Trichambaram Temple – First Food to Sri Krishna Then Puja – No Elephants in Temple Rituals

Trichambaram Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is located at Taliparamba in the Kannur District of Kerala, India. The temple is noted for a unique tradition unheard in other Sri Krishna temples in India and world – first food then puja. Another tradition is that elephants are not allowed in the temple. 

After opening the temple doors first in the morning, the naivedyam (food) is offered to the presiding deity Sri Krishna. This is strange because the food is offered to a deity in the temple after danthadavana – brushing of teeth and snana. Any liquid or solid is offered to the deity after a couple of purification rituals.  

The golden rule followed in all temples is broken at Trichambaram Temple for a specific reason and due to a demanding situation.  

It is said that Sri Krishna here likes the offering of the food first. He had suggested that he could not tolerate elaborate rituals on an empty stomach.  

The murti of Bhagavan Sri Krishna worshipped in Trichambaram Temple is if of Bhagavan Balakrishna exactly after killing Kamsa, Chanura, the court wrestler, and Kuvalaya, the royal elephant.  

As he was exhausted after such a terrible fight, he naturally developed unusual hunger. Hence, the tradition of offering food first in the morning before any other ritual.  

Trichambaram Temple is one of the rarest temples in which Bhagavan Sri Krishna is worshipped in Raudra Bhavaam (ferocious form).

No Elephants In Temple Rituals

 Another unique ritual observed in the temple is that elephants are not allowed in any function in the temple.  

The deity is carried on the head of priests instead of elephants during pujas, rituals, and festivals. In Kerala, it is a tradition to carry the utsava murti (temporary idol) during festivals on an elephant.

The reason is that Sri Krishna worshipped here had just killed Kuvalaya, the royal elephant. So he would not like to see another elephant.