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Young Hindus Time To Prioritize – Future Is Bleak – Face It Through Unity And Cooperation

Too much social media and uncertainty related to job and relationships will soon be causing major problems around the world. It is time for young Hindus to prioritize and take a deep look at the situation. Stress, anxiety, and depression are going to be widespread. Youngsters will be more vulnerable to lifestyle diseases. To overcome the physical and mental health issues we need to get back to basics by giving priority to personal relationships. We need to go back to the ancient large Hindu homes. You can be in a nuclear family but learn to be a connected nuclear family. Find your roots and stay connected.

If we go with the current trend then we are sure to be doomed. Collective power is what political and multinationals hate. That is why there is an ongoing attempt to split Hindus.

Young Hindus need to learn to cooperate more. Life is going to be difficult and we can only survive the new world through cooperation.

There will be job loss and people will find getting a new job more and more difficult. Traditional jobs will soon start vanishing.

More and more youngsters are going to face mental health issues due to insecure future, lack of emotional bonding and due to an insensitive society.

Instead of hoping governments or other institutions to provide a solution, it is time for young Hindus to take the matter in hand. We need to start building cooperation at every level.

Unity, stability, job opportunities, and future of children – these four things need to be given importance.

Hindus need to learn to stop discriminating in the name of caste, language, and color. We need to weed out all kinds of inequalities from Hindu society.

The current system of education needs to be thrown into the dustbin. We need to create a new education system in which the aptitude and interest of the child are given more importance.

Instead of focusing on getting into a comfortable job, Hindu youngsters need to get more creative so that they can create job opportunities for their brothers and sisters.

The education system that we follow today kills individuality and creativity. There is no hope in it. It was meant to create slaves for British and today the same education makes us slave of multinationals.

Hindus need to learn more about the inequalities present in all walks of life. Develop more strong relationships and create support groups. Never hesitate to provide emotional, financial and practical support to another Hindu. This is very important because the number of Hindu families and youngsters committing suicide is on the rise.

We should not leave a Hindu without support. We use social media for everything else but to emotionally and practically support a suffering Hindu.

Television, print and social are constantly putting pressure on Hindus by attempting to divide them in the name of caste and language. We think we are fine but that is not the reality. There is a lot of activity going on underground against Hindus.

Hindus need to start doing more volunteering. We must make an effort to see more Hindus face to face. A warm handshake, an honest Namaste, a pat in the back will be of great reassurance to a Hindu who is left alone to suffer in this fast unkind and merciless world.

Future is going to be tough both physically, mentally, financially, and politically. The only way Hindus can survive this onslaught is by developing personal relationships and through cooperation.

All Hindus need to be made feel that they are part of the community. There need to be more interactions. There needs to be empathy. There needs to be more emotional support and practical help. There needs to be more unity and cooperation.