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Why Kavadi should be made using Bamboo Pole?

Kavadi is a bamboo pole, balanced across the shoulders with, suspended with any items resembling the hills carried by Idumban. Here is the reason why kavadi should be made using bamboo pole. Kavadi is carried to Murugan (Kartik) temples in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa.

Legend has it that Shiva once asked Sage Agastya to carry two hillocks to South India. The sage carried the hillocks balanced across his shoulders on a bamboo pole for a few hours. He then asked his student Idumban to carry them.

Idumban carried them for awhile and then placed them at Palani in Tamil Nadu. When Idumban wanted to continue his journey, he could not move the hill. A boy appeared and claimed that the hills belonged to him. A fight ensued and Idumban soon realized that the boy was Muruga.

Muruga was moved by determination and devotion of Idumban.

Idumban was given a boon by Muruga. Idumban asked that anyone who carried a Kavadi made using bamboo pole to Muruga temple should be granted their wishes.

Muruga agreed and today millions of devotees carry Kavadi to Muruga temples.

The Kavadi consists of two semicircular pieces of bamboo that are bent and attached to a bamboo cross structure that can be balanced on the shoulder of a devotee.

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