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Personal Well Being Versus Materialistic Desires

What is important in life personal well being or fulfillment of materialistic desires? The answer to this question varies from person to person. Some might have a complicated answer mixing both.

But what is required is a right approach to life. When we have the correct approach we will have the best of the both the worlds.

Achieving life’s purpose with low levels of stress should be the goal.

Stop having unachievable goals. Stop comparing your life with that of others. Work tirelessly towards achieving meaningful goals.

In the name of personal well being, some people become drifters. They hide behind big philosophies and are full of contempt for materialism. But what such people do not realize is that today we cannot even sit idle for free.  Monthly bills arrive even if we are idle.

Materialistic goals are necessary in life like owning a good house is a necessity. Spending on a hobby is a good thing. But taking risk and investing in second and third house only invites problem and stress. Such materialistic desires should not be entertained. Learn to be content. Simply changing cars, mobiles etc to attract attention should be avoided in life. Invest in gadgets after knowing our needs and use. Do not fall for advertisements. When you earn a rupee a quarter of it should be always saved.

A balance approach to life with proper planning is what is required.

Many things are beyond our control in life. But there are few important things that are in our control. When we face tough situations in life, we should not lose our calm and composure. This only makes matters worse.

Avoid complete dependence on technology, friends, relatives and institutions. We should always have an identity of our own.

Mad money – always have it – mad money is a small sum of money carried or kept in reserve for minor expenses and emergencies.

Emotional turmoil in life should be got over through spirituality. All our emotional turmoil begins with our search for happiness outside. This happiness can be love, power, control, likes, dislikes etc. Any happiness that we get from an external source will fade out eventually. So lessen your emotional dependence on others.

Instead of following the same pattern, be curious and take some diversions. Do certain things that you have never done. This will give new meaning to life. New experiences and new friends will take you out of a life that is on an autopilot mode.