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Hanuman Lives on This Mountain in Himalayas – Gandhamadana

Hanuman is a Chiranjeevi and there are occasional news about His sighting and Him visiting temples of Sri Ram. There is a strong belief among many Hindus that Hanuman resides on a mountain situated north of Kailash Parvat in the Himalayas. This mountain is known as Gandhamadana or Gandhamadan. Information about the mountain is found in Puranas and other sacred scriptures.

Gandhmadan Mountain is believed to be area where Pandavas resided for a short duration during their exile period in the Mahabharata. It was here Bhima met Hanuman. Bhima who was proud about his strength was humbled by Hanuman, when Bhima was unable to lift the tail of Hanuman.

Gandhamadana Mountain, which is believed to be north of Kailash, is the abode of Kinnaras, Gandharvas, Apsaras and Siddh Rishis. It is impossible to locate the mountain and to reach it.

Kubera, the treasurer of Gods, is the ruler of the region.

There is also a belief that the mountain is surrounded by magical creatures. They confuse people who attempt to the reach the area.

Find Hanuman Here on Himalayas

Where is the present location of Gandhamadan Mountain?

Nobody knows exactly where the Gandhamadan Mountain is. The belief is that it is located north of Kailash. This is today part of Tibet.

Gandhamadana in Tamil Nadu

Gandhamadana is the tallest peak on Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu, which lies in the Palk Strait between mainland India and Sri Lanka. It is believed that Hanuman jumped to Lanka from this mountain.

It is also believed that Hanuman and Vanar Sena (Monkey Army) had camped on this mountain and made plans to attack Lanka.