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Eight Features of Veerashaivism

Eight Features of Veerashaivism, a Kannada Shaivite sect are as follows:
  1. Guru – the spiritual guide
  2. Linga / Shivling – a symbol of reality – symbolically represents  Lord Shiva
  3. Jangama – wandering mendicant who preaches morality and spreads the teachings of Veerashaivism
  4. Padodaka – water rendered holy by washing the feet of the Guru
  5. Prasada – Holy offering
  6. Vibhuti – Holy Ash
  7. Rudraksha – sacred seed from Rudraksha tree believed to be the tears of Shiva.
  8. Mantra – Holy words

Veerashaivites have complete faith in the holiness of their Guru and the Jangamas.

The Guru is expected to live a chaste and pure life. He does not compromise on morality.

There is no distinction between a Guru, Shivling and Jangama.

All objects touched by the Guru are holy and the sect revere them as prasada.