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To Keep Our Mind From Not Wandering

It is near to impossible to keep our mind from not wandering. It enters into various unwanted areas causing us nothing but pain. So how to keep the mind from not wandering?

One way to keep the mind from not wandering is to keep it engaged in good activities.


The mind always has a tendency to wander here and there. We must learn to focus. First focus on your hobby or interest. Whenever the mind wanders bring it back by concentrating on something you like to do most.

Next step is to focus on noble and philanthropic activities.

We must always be alert to not to let the mind wander.

Next step is concentrating on spiritual teachings and God.

Again always be alert and do not let the mind wander.

Our goal should be to stop all forms of thinking and merge in Ishwara. This can happen through constant practice and through self-realization. The mind should completely agree to that fact that there is no second – all that is here is nothing but Ishwara.