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Kamadgiri Chitrakoot – Parikrama – Temple on Kamadgiri Mountain

Chitrakoot, which is located in North India, is associated with the epic Ramayana. Kamadgiri is a mountain in Chitrakoot and is around 130 km from Allahabad. The Kamtanath Temple dedicated to Lord Ram is located here. Parikrama of the parvat is considered meritorious. Kamadgiri means the mountain that fulfills all wishes. It is worshipped, as it is associated with Bhagavan Sri Ram.

A forested hill, Kamadgiri is home to numerous temples. The holy mountain has a manmade path at the base and it is used perform parikrama or circumambulation. There are number of temples on the parikrama path and the most famous is the Bharat Milap temple, where Bharat met Bhagavan Sri Ram and asked him to return to Ayodhya. But the request was declined by Bhagavan.

Miracle Lake Inside Kamadgiri Mountain

The most famous story associated with Kamadgiri is that the mountain is hollow from within and it contains a lake. Immortal saints and other Chirjanjeevis reside on the banks of the lake. It is believed that only a pure soul can find the entrance to his place hidden inside the mountain.

It is also believed that when rainwater will fill the lake, 24 springs will rush out from the mountain.

Another important place at Kamadgiri is the Lakshman Pahari. It is believed that Lakshman stood guard on this hill while he was protecting Sri Ram and Mata Sita.