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Build Confidence – By Observing – Learning – Valuing Who You Are

We all need to have a certain degree of confidence to face the unexpected twists and turns in life. Confidence needs to be developed. For developing confidence, we require discipline and a willingness to shed certain negative character traits.

There is a negative corner that we all build in our life. We like to hide in this corner. This corner is the lack of confidence. This starts from a very early age when we are scared to talk to strangers, we hide when someone comes into our house and we hide behind elders or parents in public. We are not ready to go and ask someone things that we require. We shy away from taking help. Sometimes we even shy from asking directions or certain specific information, which is of utmost importance. We are shy, we are scared or we are worried what other people will think. This we carry into teenage and adulthood. Get out of this corner and stop going back into it.

We cannot build confidence in a single day. We need to consciously make an effort to stop being negative. Stop going into our shell. Always think positive. We need to observe our behavior very carefully and should make the necessary positive adjustments. Whenever we hesitate or turn around and walk, we need to make a conscious effort to not to do it.

Sometimes our ego is causing lack of confidence. We all have the problem what other people will think so we go into our shell. We hide. We are worried about hurting our false ego.

Some of us are worried about failure. This stops us from showing the confidence needed.

Ego and fear of failure are imaginary problems. They do not exist. We have created these demons and we alone can kill them.

It is ok to fail. It is ok if we get to hear ‘no.’ It is ok if someone mocks us. This should not deter us from achieving our goal. To overcome the fear of failure, fear of ‘no’ and mocking we need to build up confidence. A conscious effort has to be made. Remember a person can mentally hurt you only if you allow the person to hurt you. Fill your mind with positivity to overcome these kinds of situations.

Value who you are and appreciate your good qualities. You need not talk about it to others or advertise your good qualities. But you should be proud of the good qualities that you have and the achievements you have made in life. Remember those times when you achieved glory, happiness, and satisfaction.

Another big blockade in building confidence is comparing yourself to others. This is a major issue in today’s world and this has destroyed many lives. You should know your worth and do not attempt to become someone you are not. Be honest with your capabilities. Do not attempt to do which is beyond your capacity. Trust in your ability and learn to grow using it. Do not attempt shortcuts just to impress others.

Do not attempt to build confidence overnight. Observe, consistently make an effort to come out of the shell, learn and grow.

Have a growth mindset and trust in your capabilities this will help in building confidence.

There is no age to build confidence. It can be done at any age. We all have the capability to achieve confidence.