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Bedroom Vastu for Conceiving – Bedroom Vastu for Married Couples

It might sound superstitious but many Hindu married couples believe that vastu has a role to play in conceiving. Couples who do not have a proper sex life and finds it difficult to have children follow vastu. Here are few Vastu tips for married couples and for those trying to conceive.

Couples should not wear dark, dark blue and other similar colors in the bedroom. This will attract negative forces. There will be ego problems and fight among couples.

The bedroom should be kept clean. There should be no clutter. This will help in removing all kinds of negative energy. The room should be airy and there should be no foul smell. This will help in keeping out Rahu and Ketu. The bed sheets, pillow colors and other clothes should be changed once a week.

To get the sex life moving and to have a cordial relationship, couples should keep light smelling flowers and perfumes. There should be a creative decoration of the bedroom.

The walls of the bedroom should have white, cream or bright colors. This will increase passion and energy. Grey, black, blue etc should not be used on bedroom walls.

The bed should not be facing the mirror in the bedroom. People who have bed facing the mirror will face problems in family life.

The headrest of the bed should be touching the wall and the wall should not have any windows.

The head should not be kept towards north side. This will result in bad sex life and bad health.

Couples should always sleep on a wooden bed. They should not sleep on plastic, iron or beds made from other metals. Those who use metal bed will face ego problems.

Keeping head towards south while having sex is considered ideal. But the couple should sleep with the head towards east.