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Penetrate Deeply And See What Is Behind All Phenomena

Article source – Swami Ashokananda, When the Many Become One (Calcutta: Advaita Ashrama, 1997), 94-6.

You feel like becoming one with the whole universe. You do not want to be separate from anything but to become one with everything. There was a time when I liked that idea very much.

I had finished my education in the university and was living in a small town. It was a very unusual kind of place, with the habit of becoming inundated with floods.

Every year a good part of the town would be under water, as was the neighboring land for miles and miles and miles all around.

Well, it was a beautiful thing to see…

I made a habit in those days of going into the backyard of the house where I lived.

From there I could see miles and miles of this water, and there I would sit. There was no rain at that time. I would sit there and lose myself in the utter oneness of these undivided waters.

No waves there; the water not moving. And there was the sun. I looked towards the east, and for miles and miles I would see only the water in which the blue sky and the sun were reflected.

And then I would lose the sense of outerness; that sense of an outer world at which I was looking would go away, and the sense of oneness that this vast water created would pervade the mind, saturate the mind, and somehow overwhelm the mind.

I would lose myself in this sense of oneness pervading everywhere; I would not remember even my own physical existence.

After I had bathed, I would meditate on the sun, and that meditation was also of a peculiar character. I wore eyeglasses even in those days, and I would take them off and hold them so that the sun would shine on the glass.

The sun would appear small in the lens, but it was a very convenient symbol for meditation, and I would lose myself in that meditation for a long time.