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Align salary life goals and passion

Aligning salary, life goals and passion means doing a work we love and believe in by being smart about money and future. This is a very important aspect of life. We all need enough money to afford the basics, to pay the bills and to find food and shelter. We need to accept this truth – this universal truth cannot be ignored.

We all have certain desires, goals, and things to accomplish in life. We need to work towards achieving these important things in life. Determination, patience, hard work and single-minded focus alone can take you to your goals.

Goals are not fulfilled suddenly. Goals are set. We need to make a list of things we want to accomplish soon; in next two, three, five and ten years.

Doing something we are passionate about and securing financial freedom through it might be a bit difficult in the beginning. This is when we need to get more practical. We should not drop our dreams and passion, and but work towards it smartly.

While following your passion try to find a part-time job, which will keep you financially safe. Just make sure that the part-time job does not take your entire time of a day. There are thousands of freelancing opportunities available today. It is that we just need to come out of our comfort zone and start searching for them.

Some people have the desire to travel to various places around the world. This can be achieved by working and traveling. There are opportunities to teach children all around the world. You can do a lot of work which might keep you afloat while traveling – like photography, writing, teachings certain skills which only you have etc. We need to keep searching for the right information.

What is important is that you should always be a student – keeping learning – have childlike curiosity. Wherever you are, in whatever situation you might be in always keep your goals alive, and work towards it.

You should always remain focused on your ultimate goal. Everything you do should be to reach your ultimate goal.

Working and toiling in a corporate job for a salary should be taken up only if your goal is car, house, spouse, children, hospital, and retirement. There is nothing wrong with it but later in life, you should not complain about it and take out your frustration on your spouse and children. People around the world are frustrated with their job and they take it out on the family members.

A corporate job is not for you if you have other goals in life like writing, traveling, acting, pottery, farming, music, movies, swimming, sports….(this is an endless list – so just put your passion here.)

Work I love but less money or work I don’t love but more money – this is a question that is thrown at us at the beginning of our career. The answer to this question is very important because it is going to define our life.

There is no perfect job with a perfect salary. There will always be struggle, hard work, and disappointments.

For those who are not attached to promotion, car and social status – a corporate job for a few years can be financially rewarding and it can be an experience for life.

Take up a corporate job for ‘x’ number of years and then come out of it. Do not be attached to the money the corporate job offers. Do not take unwanted loans, which will keep you in the same job until you die or you are forcibly thrown out.

Use the money earned from the few years of a corporate job to follow your dream career.

Always be close to your dream career. Do not drop it completely. Be engaged with your passion.

Someday in future, you will be ready to be completely dedicated to your dream career.