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Do Not Push Your Child Hard – You Are Breaking Them Forever

The pressure to reach high in life and to be as per the definition of success defined by family and society creates only stress, depression and anxiousness. It destroys lives and those that cannot bear the pressure commit suicide.

Parents put pressure on children by comparing them with others. They appreciate other high achievers and compare their children with them. From Kindergarten, children are thrown into a pressure cooker environment. They carry the burden of a high level of expectations. They struggle silently. They start to hide their feelings. Poor souls cannot even communicate a real health issue – parents and teachers seeing this as faking to stop going to school and studying.

Children are pushed to get good marks and become toppers.

Children should top the class; nothing else is good enough for parents.

No one is bothered and concerned about the mental health of the toppers and achievers in schools. Stress, sadness, anxiety, and pressure these children go through are ignored. And the worst part is that parents and teachers are not even aware of the mental health situation of their children. Kids are forced to hide their real feelings. They put on a mask to be in the good books of parents and teachers.

This slowly creates psychological problems in children. They feel they are not good enough when they might be better than the majority of students. 98 is not good enough because there was someone who got 98.5.

Education of Children Advice Parents

Teachers and parents always point to someone else who is doing better. Some even go to the extent of comparing with children in other countries.

What kind of childhood are parents and teachers giving the poor children? They are creating ticking time bombs. Such children grow up frustrated and stressed. They soon fall into depression, starts substance abuse, alcohol, become suicidal or antisocial. The family life of such children will never be happy. They create problems everywhere. They want to destroy.

There should be a perfect balance between achievements and wellbeing – both physical and mental. What is the use of achievements and success when you cannot find happiness or contentment in them?

Parents should only provide motivation and environment for children to find their own path – to follow their dream.

Good college, a good degree, good friends, good activities…we pressure our children to do everything good. And who defines what is good? Good is today determined by filthy mindless advertisements and worthless fake media. We follow their path and destroy our lives. We pressure our children to follow the standard set by people who do not have an iota of standards.

We simply push our children to become achievers without knowing what they really want. We simply push them to overcome obstacles without showing them how to overcome the obstacles. Do not push your children to become achievers if you cannot yourself overcome those obstacles. Simply sitting and advising to do that and this is easy, what matters is show them how to do it in real. Pushing too hard will eventually backfire. 


Parents need to change. Focus on what your child needs and not on your dreams for your children. Motivate them, show them the different paths, and let them choose.

Do not get inspired by fake media news items regarding toppers and achievers. Every child is different. Do what is good for your child. Do not ask them to become someone else.

Create a stress-free environment at school and at home. Children should be happy to got school and equally happy to come back home.

the right way to teach your child

A majority of the current crop of teachers are worthless. They are mere workers who do a mechanical work for a salary. They are not bothered about students. They should not even be allowed to go anywhere near the children. Parents should protest and get worthless teachers removed. They should make sure that children spent time with teachers who have a broader view of life. Who are aware of what is happening around the world. Who constantly refresh their knowledge. A teacher should guide a child out of darkness. Today, we have teachers who push children into pitch darkness of no return.

There should be trained counselors. Teachers and parents should be made of aware of stress, depression and anxiety levels of children.

Instead of pushing children into the rat race and negative thinking, they should be taught positive thinking and about the umpteen possibilities in life.

There is life beyond engineering, MBA, doctor, cricket, dance --- there are thousands of other fields where your child can succeed. Do not follow what the crowd is doing. Let children excel in what they like. Do not narrow and limit the definition of success. Celebrate in anything that your child succeeds.

Life is all about happiness and peace. What is the use of miserably making a lot of money, when you do not find happiness and peace in it?

Let them find joy in what they like and let them bring smiles to others.