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Puja Room in Kitchen Vastu – Puja Room in Kitchen is Good or Bad as Per Hindu Religion

Some people believe that puja room in the kitchen is bad as per Vastu. This is not true. Puja in the kitchen is neither good nor bad. Many Hindu communities have a puja area in the kitchen. Puja room in kitchen purely depends on tradition, convenience, and your beliefs.

As per Hinduism, Goddess Annapurna, the goddess of food, and Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, resides together in the kitchen.

The kitchen should always be kept neat and clean.

Unclean vessels should not be left for a long period.

There should be no clutter.

Those people who spread superstitions and wrong beliefs in the name of Hinduism regarding puja room and kitchen vastu should be reminded that Agni, the most important God in Hindu tradition, is found in the kitchen. Can any kitchen keep out Agni – fire?

Everything in this world depends on Agni.

If a Hindu wishes to have puja area in the kitchen there is absolutely nothing sacrilegious about it.

In Hinduism, what matters is devotion. Anything that is offered with devotion is accepted by God. A neatly cooked bowl of rice offering with devotion and no expectation is thousand times better than a million diamonds offered for desire fulfillment.

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