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Bonsai Vastu – Bonsai Vaastu Shastra – Is It Bad or Good to Keep Bonsai Tree at Home

Bonsai is a Japanese art form of cultivating miniature trees that mimic full size trees. Bonsai has nothing to do with Hindu religion or Vaastu Shastra. So is it bad or good to keep Bonsai Tree at home. Truly speaking it is neither good nor bad.

If the Bonsai tree gives you happiness then you should keep it. It is just an art form.

Many people make good money by making Bonsai trees.

Why Do Some People Consider Bonsai Bad for Vastu?

Some people believe that as the size of Bonsai is small, people keeping it at home or shop will face financial and career problems. This is not true. If we take this logic, then people having coconut or other big trees in their plot should do well in career but this does not happen.

Some of the things that appear in print media and television have no logic. They are mere superstitions.

Bonsai brings neither good luck nor bad luck.