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Yellow Color in Hinduism

Yellow color in Hinduism is associated with Surya, the sun god, and Lord Vishnu. It is also associated with Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of learning. The color has the capacity to remove all evil thoughts from the mind of a human being. Dark yellow color helps in achieving intelligence and mental stability.

Yellow color is associated with Vishnu and Goddess Saraswati and thus it is associated with knowledge and learning. It is associated with peace, prosperity, study, scholarly, career, focus and mental alertness.

The color has the capacity to give rise to new, fresh and positive thoughts.

The dhoti of Ganesha and Hanuman is always yellow in color. This indicates hope and auspiciousness.

Yellow color offerings are given to Vishnu on Thursday. Goddess Saraswati is offered yellow color during Saraswati Puja.

Basant Panchami festival is associated with yellow color.

Significance of Yellow color in Hinduism

Who Should Wear Yellow Color Clothes?

Yellow is a good color for students, artists and musicians.

Yellow color is considered good for workers who are associated with motor and mechanics.

The color is good for people associated with gymnasium and gymnastics.

Yellow in Ayurveda

Being exposed to yellow light for a long duration is considered bad. This will lead in troubles associated with ‘Pitha’ as per Ayurveda. Too much exposure can also cause trouble to stomach and digestion. It is also not good for arthritis and heart.

For neck related troubles, water from yellow color bottle is considered helpful.

Drinking water from yellow color bottle is good for finding relief from constipation.

Light yellow color is also associated sluggishness and lethargy.

People who get easily irritated and angry should drink water from yellow bottle to get rid of the problem.

Water from yellow color bottle is also good for curing yellow puss secretion in eyes.

Characteristics of People who like yellow color

  • They might get scared while facing troubles.
  • They will not be careful about what is happening around.
  • After the initial hiccups and hesitation, they will show courage to fight back.
  • They will be hungry for fame and power.
  • They will worry about what will think about their looks and clothes.
  • They will be lovers of gossip.
  • They have the habit of adding spice to stories to make them more entertaining.