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As Per Hindu Scriptures Man Should Not Have Sex with These Women

Like all religious scriptures, Hindu Scriptures were also written by men and therefore everything is seen from the point of view of men. Dharma Shastras and epics give hint regarding sexual life. Although not directly mentioned as per Hindu scriptures man should not have sex with the following women.

Sex Not With These Women

  • Unmarried woman – man can approach her only after marrying her.
  • Widow – man can approach her only after marrying her.
  • Woman who is under vow of Brahmacharya – A man should never approach a women who is under religious vow.
  • Wife of friend
  • Wife of enemy
  • Wife of teacher
  • Sex is not allowed with women in the family with whom the man has a blood relation.
  • Sex without the permission and consent of the woman is Tamasic or Rakshasa - Adharma - anyone following Dharma can kill a person violating a woman.