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Power Only Corrupts The Impure Mind – Story From Tulsi Ramayana

A story from Tulsi Ramayana clearly indicates that power only corrupts the impure mind.

In the Tulsi Ramayana, Bharata agreed to rule Ayodhya only as a regent during the exile period of Bhagavan Sri Ram. He then came to meet Sri Rama at Chitrakuta.

Lakshman doubted Bharata’s motive and thought that since he had gained a powerful position, it must have gone to his head and he would want to defeat Sri Ram and make the kingdom his forever.

Assuming that Bharata had become corrupt, Lakshmana wanted to fight with him; but Sri Ram told Lakshmana that power only corrupts those who are impure in mind and those who have never associated themselves with holy people.

But Sri Ram added, Bharata himself is such a great saint that he does not need to have satsanga or company of holy people. Other people will be purified just by living near him.

Source – Hindu Culture – An Introduction by Swami Tejomayananda ~ page 28