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We all are on the lookout for permanent peace

We all are burdened by the weight of our ego, expectations, haughtiness, self-glorification, desire, anger and frustrations.

We all are again burdened by the difficulties and sorrows of the world.

Amidst all these burdens, we all are also on the lookout for permanent peace.

We cannot have peace with all these burdens. Therefore, we have to unload this entire burden with the help of knowledge.

Permanent peace is only possible by understanding who we really are.

We will attain peace the moment we drop the idea of the other. When we are able to realize that all that is here rise and fall in a single source, all our sufferings and misunderstandings will be removed. You were at peace in deep sleep. Why? Because you had merged in the primordial source. This is your true nature.

After waking up from deep sleep, just see the transient as transient, the unreal as unreal, the false as false, fleeting as fleeing and you will realize your true nature.

Permanent peace is never outside. No external factor can give you peace. Peace can be achieved only understanding your true nature. It arrives the moment you become desireless. When you are ready to accept that this world is fleeting, you will achieve permanent peace.