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Truth Is What Remains After All Else Has Been Negated - Thoughts

The way to prosperity and happiness is never through despair. Motivate, rise with renewed energy and walk towards the goal.

Our ignorance does not change reality. Ignorance only creates misconception and misperception.

You don’t have to make an effort to reach the Truth. It cannot be caught. It is what remains after all else has been negated.

Once human beings did not believe in electricity but that did not mean electricity did not exist. The power hidden in the Supreme Truth is unimaginable, so keep an open mind. What is dream and fiction today, might become real in future.

Mental purity and overcoming weaknesses like anger and greed is necessary for spiritual and worldly success.

Once you realize that the Supreme Truth is within us, many good things will follow on its own.

The only real and lasting peace to be found is at the Source, which to reach you must go against the current.

You cannot hold on to anything, for everything is bound to pass away and only you (the Reality) remain. No concepts, no ideas remain.

You cannot throw anger out, it must dissolve into you. Simply don’t act on anger or jealousy. How can you be angry or jealous when you are beyond everything?

You are like fertile land. Many things grow over you and out of you, but you are not responsible for what springs out of you. You will still be there like the land when the growth dies away.