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Wise Quotes For A Good Life

A collection of quotes for a good life

When we are in a hurry, we are inviting trouble.

Focusing on what we do not have only brings unhappiness.

We cannot control as to what will happen the next moment but we can develop an attitude that will withstand any storm.

Be our master do not let situations overwhelm us.

The world wants too many things from us but the greatest accomplishment is in focusing on what we really want.

Always focus on the toughest job first.

Obsession is a mental disorder. It causes only discomfort.

Instead of worrying over little things go out and have fun.

It is true we failed a couple of times. Now try with a happier and positive frame of mind. We will not fail.

The journey for peace and happiness is often undertaken in the wrong direction. The right direction for this journey is to the inside not outside.  

Bliss is always with us but unfortunately, we never realize it. 

Success will elude us if we do not believe in ourselves.

We have to start somewhere. We will fail in the beginning. But then who does not fail? Do not stop? Each failure is a stepping-stone to our goal.

No one can escape struggles. All people go through it. Socialize and get to know about their struggles. Share yours. Inspire and get inspired.

We are not ready to move out of our comfort zone. The net result is that we miss golden opportunities.

Set small goals. Do not try to achieve everything overnight.