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Nose Tip Gazing Benefits

 Nose gazing is one of the techniques in Yoga and it is known as nasikagra drishti. Here is a look at the benefits of nose tip gazing.

Looking steadily at the tip of the nose is a strenuous practice and needs to be developed very slowly and cautiously.

Nose tip gazing is very effective in making the mind steady. This is achieved through its impact directly on the brain through the optic nerves. This will help in avoid stress and tension. When the mind is made steady there will be single minded focus and this will help in achieving more concentration power. It is ideal for those who are facing problems in controlling their thoughts.

The gaze may be fixed with the eyes closed. That involves much less strain, and it is more effective. This way it can be done comfortably for a longer time. But such a practice with closed eyes is not actually prescribed in any traditional text of Tantra or yoga.