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Violence Arises Out Of Ignorance

Violence which has its roots in divisive propensities like anger, selfishness, lust etc., and it cannot take us to truth. Violence arises out of ignorance. It is untruth.

One who is inwardly weak develops a sort of fear and out of fear starts arming himself against real or imaginary enemies.

Violence may have the appearance of strength, but it is born out of fear and is therefore a sign of weakness. Only he can be truly non-violent who has conquered fear.

Pursuit of truth means realization of unity through love. Violence interferes with the realization of this unity.

Non-violence requires far greater physical and mental courage than that of delivering of blows because physical power has obvious limitations.

SourceSaptagiri January 2005 issue – Article titled Gandhiji’s concept of Ahimsa by Dr T. Suseela.