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Quotes On Life Lessons

A collection of quotes on life lessons.

Making mistakes is not a sin but not learning from the mistake is surely a sin. Analyze criticism. If the intention was only to hurt, ignore it. However, if the criticism was constructive, then welcome it wholeheartedly. 

Life does not end with a failure. Single pointed focus and hard work will eventually bring you success.

Avoid making mountains of out of a molehill.

Keep occupied always. Fear of failure sets in when our mind revolves around the same problem.

Discussing problems with near and dear ones can help in alienating negative thoughts. It can also usher in new developments.

What truly matters in life is our ability to take wise decisions. Life very often throws up situations that test one’s skills in decision-making. Always follow Dharma while making decisions.

All our difficulties come from within our own mind.

We should train our mind for dispassionate analysis.

There is no substitute to pure and chaste devotion.

Consistency, concentration and single pointed focus are keys to success. 

Showing kindness to living beings and plants is greater than rituals and practicing austerities. 

We are knowingly or unknowingly in the prison of material desires. The key of escape from this prison is within us. That key opens the door of spiritual liberation.

A spiritual seeker must have both inquisitiveness and an openness of mind to accept the truth.

Constant observation and restraint are two methods to bring the mind under control.

A state of existence above and beyond the limits of material experience is possible only through analysis.

Entire creation is an extension of ourselves. 

Truth does not change because of our faith or lack of it. 

We are ever ready to appreciate external beauty, but have we ever thought about appreciating inner beauty.

A person who is on spiritual quest should drop thoughts from the past and worries about the future.

Inner dialogue – brutally honest talk with the self – is an important part of spiritual endeavor.

A peaceful mind is essential for worldly and spiritual success. 

Anger, greed, ego, lust and attachment are our true enemies.

Living with what we have is a sign of spiritual maturity.

Nothing lasts forever. Live in the present by following Dharma.

The best way to overcome fear of loneliness is by making Lord Krishna our best friend.

Read the Bhagavad Gita and understand the universal truth to transcend the fear of losing a loved one.

If we are unemployed, it means we have not dropped our ego. There is work all around us but it is false prestige that is stopping us from taking up a job.

Make the right choice without fear and sentiments. Our choices decide the course of our life. Bad choices make life a bumpy ride.

If our happiness is dependent on another human being then we end up with unhappiness, sadness, frustration, depression, hopelessness, anger, etc.

It is good to help others but it is foolishness to expect others to return the favor.

Our success depends largely on our conviction.

We worry about future. Why do we believe that only bad things will happen in future? Good things too will happen in future. Good or bad when it comes we will face it. Why waste our present for future.

Rough weather does not last for a long period. Similarly, tough time in life will pass soon.

True friendship and relation is in being with people in their ups and downs.

Develop the art of listening because everyone wants to share their feelings and emotions.

When we are overpowered by guilt, we lose our confidence and find fault with ourselves. The only solution here is stop repeating the mistake and if possible try to rectify it.

Have faith, everything will pass and will be okay. Such a simple sentence can give ray of hope to the depressed.