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Hindu Religion Teachings

A collection of Hindu religion teachings.

The one God who exists in subtle form in all beings pervades all and is the inner Self of all beings. He dwells in all beings; he is the witness ; he is the intelligent principle; he is pure; and, he is bereft of all qualities. (Svetasvatara Upanishad, VI. 11)

If the water of the lake is full of waves and the water itself muddy, the bottom of the lake is not visible. However, when the waves are subsided and the water is clean, we can clearly see the bottom of the lake. Similarly, when all thought waves are controlled and the mind becomes pure, free from past impressions, samskaras, then our real spiritual nature is revealed. To control thought waves one has to practice meditation and to purify the mind one must practice detachment.

Just as a spider weaves its net from the materials of its own body, so does Ishwara create this universe out of Himself.

The ego identifies himself with casual bodies undergoes various sufferings and strives for liberation.

That intense love which the ignorant bear towards the objects of this world: may I have that same intensity of love for Bhagavan!

One may be indifferent to the enjoyments of this world only in expectation of better enjoyments in the next. This kind of indifference is tainted with desires, which bar the door to knowledge. But the indifference that results from a due deliberation on the evanescent nature of this world as well as the world to come, is alone pure and productive of the highest good.

In this ever-changing world there is one changeless being as witness of these changes. This permanent ever-seeing being is Atman.

Perfection in any form is the manifestation of the Divine.

God in His mercy has withheld the knowledge of the past from people. If they knew that they were virtuous, they will grow proud; contrariwise, they will be depressed. Do you know the present life so well that you wish to know the past? Why do you wish to burden yourself with more knowledge and suffer more? 

He who sees Himself as free from the body (idea) knows it not even when the body is cut asunder, in just the same way as the sugarcandy whether dried in fire or cut remains sweet. Just as the wife carried on with the house-hold chores though ever doting on her husband, so too the Jnani remains ever in the Supreme State though engaged in activity.

Non Attachment does not mean indifference;
Love does not mean attachment;
Attachment is that which takes;
Love is that which gives.

About your worldly troubles you must do as you think best yourself, but it is good
policy to keep out from other's plates however sweet and inviting it looks. Both sugar and arsenic are white.

When a soul turns his mind towards the Divine the following two things will happen — first he will get some joyful experience, which shows that he is on the right path and that he is progressing. Second when the asuric forces see that he is progressing they will put every possible obstacle before the sadhaka in the form of worldly troubles, mental botherations and sex urge. 

In the course of sadhana — maya comes to a sincere soul first in the form of worldly troubles, second in the form of diseases and thirdly in the form of dear friends to keep him away from the quest. Our mind is the greatest cheater in this world, it will create thousands of different reasons to go its own way. There are three ways to handle this cheater who is nothing but a bundle of thoughts creeping up in the conscious mind. First to treat him as a friend and give him full satisfaction. This is a very long and tiresome way because he is never satisfied. Secondly to treat him as an enemy and with all your force try to get rid of him. This is only possible by the grace of the Divine because the mind has two very
powerful weapons which are the discriminating intellect and the second the imaginative faculty. These two fellows can convince even God Himself that black is white. The third way is to treat him as a patient or rather several patients coming and troubling him with their different kinds of diseases. 

The main thing with worship is not what we worship, but that we worship and if we have got love we can easily surrender the feeling of "I" which is the wall between ourselves and God.

The greatest service to humanity is Self Enquiry and the greatest remedy for this world is Self realisation but that does not mean we should not do anything for others. . . . As long as we have not got the power to withdraw the mind from the objects of sense perception we should do and must do whatever we can for others. Selfless activity will soon give the power of introversion but when the mind once has become introverted, we should not spoil what we have gained by outward activity.

If the ego is allowed to play with our emotions it is capable of causing havoc. Only by drawing the ego to its source even the saddest feeling is converted into Ananda