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Vaikhanasa Deepam

Vaikhanasa Deepam is annually observed on the Kartika Purnima day in Tamil Calendar. Karthigai Pournami or full moon day in Tamil Karthigai Masam is highly auspicious in South India. Vaikhanasa Deepam 2023 date is November 26. The day is popularly known as Karthigai Deepam

Vaikhanasa is an important sect in Hinduism and follows Vishnu and his various avatars. Teachings of Sage Vaikhanasa are followed by this sect.

Vaikhanasa Deepam is observed by lighting bonfire known as Sokka Panai and is based on the legend of Trivikrama (Vamana Avatar) of Lord Vishnu.

Legend associated with Vaikhanasa Deepam is an interpretation of Vamana Avatar asking three steps of land from King Bali. Here instead of land it is based on the movement of sun and earth. It is said that the two steps of Vamana are the Uttarayan and vernal equinox. And the third step which sends Bali to the underworld is the autumn equinox and the bonfire lit on Vaikhanasa Deepam remembers this event.