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Wealth In Society Is Like Blood In The Body

Wealth in society is like blood in the body. The blood must circulate all through the body. If it does not reach any part of the body, that part gets withered and may even lead to gangrene jeopardizing the life of the person. Similarly, if wealth does not circulate in any part of the society or body politic, that part withers and ultimately leads to the death of that society.

Socialism, as it is conceived today, is a product of materialism, but the present crisis is not merely in the outside world but also in the soul of man and it can be resolved only by religion which raises man to the divine state. Any amount of political or economic manipulations cannot meet the situation. Moreover, when we come to the establishment of socialism we are confronted with the selfishness in man. An Act of Parliament cannot make him unselfish. So when the Government tries to implant socialism, the selfish people resort to various methods to satisfy their greed such as hoarding, adulteration of foodstuffs and medicines, misappropriation of funds etc. The selfishness which makes them anti-social can be cured only by a higher and more effective selfishness, viz the desire for Mukti which leads to freedom from all the ills of life. If this adaptation of socialism is based on a religious foundation like the Karma Yoga of the Gita.

Service rendered to the ignorant, the needy and suffering as the worship of divine in them, raises secular work to the level of worship and this leads to God-realisation ultimately.

Swami Vireswarananda
(Tenth President, Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission)