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Koodaravalli 2024 Date In Margazhi Month

Koodaravalli is a unique ritual observed in the Margazhi month in Tamil culture and is associated with Andal or Goda Devi. Koodaravalli is synonyms with Akkaravadisal (a sweet prepared using rice, moong dal, milk, jaggery and sugar). Koodaravalli 2024 date is January 12. It is observed on the 27th day of the Margazhi month (December – January).

It is mentioned in the 27th verse of Tiruppavai that Andal and her friends who had completed the Pavai Nombu Virtham shared the sweet with Ranganatha (Bhagavan Srihari Vishnu).

27th verse of Tiruppavai

koodarai vellum seer govinda undhannai
paadi parai kondu yaam perum sammaanam
naadu pugazhum parisinaal nanraaga
choodagame thol valaiye thode sevip poove
paadagame enranaiya palagalanum yaam anivom
aadai uduppom adhan pinne paar choru
mooda ney peydhu muzhangai vazhi vaara
koodi irundhu kulirndhelor embaavaay

To mark the end of the pavai nonbu girls dress up in beautiful clothes and adorn themselves with scented flowers and beautiful jewels. The girls then cook rice in milk and ghee and sweeten it with jaggery and offer to Sri Krishna. Bhagavan Sri Krishna without any hesitation eats the sweet offered and blesses his devotees with his eternal presence in their mind.

The sweet prepared on the day is known as Akkaravadisal. The day is of great importance in Vishnu temples in South India especially in Tamil Nadu.