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Stop Postponing Happiness

We are all having happiness now but we are not realizing it. We keep postponing happiness for something better tomorrow. Child thinks that he is not happy and his happiness lies in growing up and doing things like adults. Teenager thinks that his happiness arrives when he gets a job. So instead of studying and living the life of a teenager he is more bothered about job.

Instead of getting the most out of our current life we are more bothered about the next phase of life. We say that let me just get this or that and then I will be happy. Got a job still am not happy – I want promotion still am not happy – let me get a good life partner still am not happy – let me settle down and have children still am not happy – let children grow up still am not happy …some people at the fag-end of their life says I wasted this life now I will be happy in the next life.

Let the next stage of life come and I will be happy but that happy stage never arrives. We are living this life of postponement.

Instead of focusing on studies most students are bothered about placements and job. They feed themselves with all kinds of negativities about job market. So when finally the time arrives for job, they have no talent or qualification.

Happiness lies in enjoying the present. Doing our work in the present with honesty and utmost dedication this alone matters. We have no idea what is in store for us the next moment. We might not even be there to see tomorrow. But we are here in the present and we can do our very best in the present moment and live happily.

Whatever be the station of our life we need to relish, enjoy, learn and grow. Stop postponing the happiness of today for something you imagine is there tomorrow. It is okay to dream about the destination but we need to enjoy the journey before we reach the destination.

What we need to realize is that we are the destination. We are happiness and that happiness is in enjoying and doing what is best for us in the present.

This is the reason why Sri Krishna tells in the Bhagavad Gita not to be bothered about result. Do not be attached with results. Focus on living in your present and enjoying every moment of the work.