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Symbolism In Karpur – Camphor in Hindu Worship – Why is Karpuram Used in Hindu Puja?

Karpur, camphor or karpuram or karpura, is a important item used in Hindu worship. It is offered mostly at the end of the worship after offering other items. Here is look as to why Karpuram is used in Hindu puja and its symbolism and reason.

Camphor is one among the sixteen articles offered during an elaborate Hindu worship. It is also one of the most commonly offered five articles during a short puja.

The ritual waving of lighted camphor is an act of adoration (nirajnama or mahanirajnam), absolving one of all the omissions in the course of worship and brining the worship to fruitful completion.

Hindu texts glorify the waving of a lamp along with lighted camphor in front of the deity at night. The waving of lighted camphor removes ignorance and frees one from mundane existence.

Camphor is held to be very pure, and the complexion of Shiva is often compared with its own color, as the famous hymn karpura gauram karunavataram… reveals.

Karpur is preferred as incense because of its air-purifying qualities.

Camphor is used in a mixture for making incense sticks which are lit and ritually waved in order to please Vishnu.

What we use today is artificial camphor and it does more harm than good. It should be avoided. Burn only natural camphor.