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Trust Issues – How To Solve It The Hindu Religion Way?

If you are facing trust issues, then the sure shot way to solve it can be found in the Bhagavad Gita. Although we are forced to say Hindu religion, it is not a religion in the conventional sense; it is an open book with solution to all the problems that you face in your life.

Trust issues are a huge problem especially for those who have something. This something can be any kind of possession – money, gold, property, stocks…. The possession can be less than 100 dollars or more than 100 billion dollars. The poor, the middle class and the ultra rich suffer from trust issues. So, what would it be like if you couldn’t trust those close to you? Stress, tension, sleeplessness, anxiety, emotional problems … health issues are a result of it.

Everyone should guard their little possession. But too much attachment to anything results in imbalance. And this imbalance opens the gateway to hell on earth. What is the use of all these money and possessions when you cannot enjoy them or make good use of them? Always consider your money like water. Water is essential for survival but you can also drown in the same water. So learn to protect and use your wealth meaningfully.

Stop looking at any new person in your life with deep suspicion. And how to do it stop making relationship purely based on wealth. Drop all the paraphernalia associated with your wealth and go out and enjoy nature, make friends with people without looking at their clothes and social status, do not make any give and take relationship. Stop making friends with benefits. Just be a human being connecting with another human being. Avoid having expectation from other people. Stop buying happiness with your wealth. Happiness that you buy with your wealth only has the life of a bubble. And you will be constantly buying happiness which results in nothing but anger, frustration and unhappiness.

When someone approaches you stop thinking in terms of – “What do they want from me?” or “How are they going to manipulate me?” or “They are probably only friends with me because of my money.” Keep your possession and wealth out of meetings. Connect with them on topics of mutual interest. Meet with people in a park or in other public places so that you won’t be judged for your wealth. The connection should be between two souls who realize that in reality they are not two but one.

Stop having expectation from other people. Stop trying to be in the good books of others. If a person judges you based on wealth and social status, he can never be your friend. Be friends with those who love and respect you for the real you. Only these friendships will last forever.

What is the reason for trust issues? Fear. Fear of losing what you have. Fear for life. The only way to overcome this fear is know that your true happiness is not in these possessions. You should learn to be happy without all these possessions. Your happiness is within you. All that you possess in the external world will undergo change. Your body and your possessions keep changing. All of them will become worthless at sometime or the other. But that which is within you never changes. It was always there with you. It is your only constant companion. It is your soul. It is so pure because it is the primordial truth in the universe. You are that truth. Find happiness in the immortal and real not in the perishable and unreal.

Abhilash Rajendran