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Happenings By Chance As Per Hindu Religion – Kakataliya Nyaya

The word nyaya in Sanskrit has several meanings such as judgment, method, justice, rule, system, righteousness. Kakataliya Nyaya in Hindu religion indicates the happening of two different things together by chance, although they may be wholly unrelated to each other. For example, this is described in the Mahabharata as a “crow comes to sit on a palm tree and at that very moment the tree falls down, killing the bird.”

Nyaya Samgraha is a collection of popular maxis embodying judgments. There are actually hundreds of popular maxims in Sanskrit literature. To mention a few of them, we may refer to

Agnisikha nyaya which means that flames of fire always go upwards.

Ajagalastana nyaya indicating anything which is useless or worthless

Andhagaja nyaya, which indicates the story of the blind men understanding an elephant by touching his body at various places

Anyonyasaraya Nyaya, meaning interdependence between two things.