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Pagal Baba Temple At Vrindavan

Pagal Baba Temple at Vrindavan is located on the Mathura Vrindavan highway and is near to Gita Temple and Glass Temple. This imposing temple, locally known as Pagal Baba Mandir, was built by Srimad Lila Nanda Thakur who was popularly known as Pagal Baba Maharaj. It is massive eight-storied white shrine.

Pagal Baba was a staunch devotee of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

The mandir has eight floors and each floor is quite distinct from the rest. One has to climb all eight floors through stairs. The ambience of the temple is similar to ISKCON temple. There is a continuous chanting of Hare Krishna mantra in the shrine.

The ground floor has lots of puppets which are mechanized. The left wing puppets depict the stories of Sri Krishna and the right wing puppets depict the stories of Ramayana. At the center is a mechanized sculpture of Pagal Baba, which blesses devotees visiting the temple by moving his right hand.

The first floor of Pagal Baba temple has a white marble murti of Radha and a black murti of Krishna. In front of these two murtis, there are lots of small murtis of Radha and Krishna.

The second floor is without any major murtis.

The third floor has huge murtis of Krishna and Balarama made out of white marble.

The fourth floor has murtis of Nandai Rai and Yashoda, the foster parents of Krishna. Yashoda holds baby Krishna in her hands.

The fifth floor has murtis of Rama, Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman and Tulsidas. All the murtis are made of marble.

The sixth floor has a sanctum sanctorum dedicated to Vamana Avatar of Bhagavan Vishnu. It depicts Bali and his wife bowing before Vishnu with four arms. Vamana, emanating from the body of Vishnu, is pressing down the head of King Bali with his divine foot.

The seventh floor has murtis of Goddess Lakshmi and Vishnu.

The eighth floor has a light-grey marble murti of the holy ‘OM.’