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Murli Manohar Temple At Sujanpur Tira In Himachal Pradesh

Sujanpur Tira Murli Manohar temple is located around 22 kms from Hamirpur town and 41 kms from Jwalamukhi in Himachal Pradesh. Just opposite the Chaugan of Sujanpur Tira lies the Murli Manohar temple. It was built in 1785 CE by Sansar Chand in the memory of his mother.

The temple is made out of stone and is painted over in yellow, pink and white. The temple stands in a large open courtyard and has stone images of various gods and goddesses in the niches on its outer walls.

In the sanctum sanctorum (garbhagriha) is a beautiful, life-like image of Bhagavan Sri Krishna carved from a single Shaligram and one of Radha Rani.

The murti of Radha Rani is new, replacing the original one of Rukmini which was destroyed in the 1905 earthquake.

The temple has wonder sculptures of Kartikeya and Brihaspati.