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Jaipur Temple In Vrindavan – Radha Madhava Temple

Jaipur Temple in Vrindavan was built by Sawai Madhav Singh Maharaja of Jaipur in 1917 AD. It is also known as Radha Madhava Temple. The temple is famous for its architecture and is one the stunning and aesthetically built temples in Vrindavan.

The sanctum sanctorum of Jaipur temple has a wall of Italian marble. It is well decorated with beautiful paintings. The temple has three sanctum sanctorum (s).

The middle sanctum has a black murti of Madhawa (Krishna) and a golden murti of Radha Rani. The murtis are flanked by Ashta Sakhis, the eight friends of Radha.

The right sanctum has small murtis of Radha and Krishna. The murtis are flanked by Lalita and Vishakha, friends of Radha.

The left sanctum sanctorum has a murti of Krishna in Hamsa Avatar (Swan Form). To the left of this murti are four small black murtis representing the Sanat Kumaras – the mind born sons of Brahma. Legend has it that Krishna took the form of a Hamsa to impart lessons on the secret of the universe to Sanat Kumaras. The sanctum also has a murti of Nimbarkacharya.

The entire Jaipur Temple is built of sandstone. A gigantic gate welcomes the visitor to a huge courtyard flanked by well-maintained gardens on either side. The outer courtyard has magnificent arches with exquisite carvings. At one end of the outer courtyard is an exquisitely carved pot-like structure with a Tulsi plant. A gate leads to the inner courtyard is noted for its pillars and exquisite carvings. All the pillars and arches in the temple were handcrafted. Jaipur Temple has the look of a palace of a Rajput King.