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Shiva And Demon Bana – Lord Krishna - Shiva Kills The Pride Of Thousand Armed Bana

Bana, the thousand-armed demon, was an ardent devotee of Shiva. He pleased Shiva by playing a thousand musical instruments when Shiva performed the tandava dance.

Pleased with the devotion of Bana, Shiva once offered him a boon. After all Bana was a demon and he showed his true color and asked Shiva to be the watchman of his palace. Shiva who knew that the end of Bana's pride was at the hands of Krishna agreed to guard his palace.

One day Bana told Shiva that his thousands arms could not find a worthy opponent. He could not find anyone in all the worlds who would fight him.

When Bana was unable to find a worthy opponent, he crushed mountains to powder, sent elephants to their quarters and created huge holes on earth. But still he itched for a good fight.

Shiva then told Bana that a person will soon arrive in your kingdom and break your flagstaff into two and this person will defeat you and extinguish your pride.

Bana was delighted to hear that he would find someone to fight in future.

Bana had a beautiful daughter called Usha, who fell in love with Lord Krishna’s grandson, Aniruddha. The prince used to visit Usha in her private chamber without the knowledge of Bana and his soldiers.

But Bana once came to know about the secret visit of Aniruddha and imprisoned him.
Soon Krishna arrived at Bana’s capital and challenged Bana by breaking the flagstaff into two.

After a terrific fight the army of Bana was annihilated.

Sri Krishna then fought Bana and chopped off all the arms of Bana since they were responsible for his pride.

When only two hands were left, Shiva intervened and asked Sri Krishna to spare Bana’s life and the two hands.

As Bana was a devotee of Shiva, Sri Krishna spared the demon and also gave the boon that the remaining arms will retain their adamantine strength.

Demon Bana then conducted the marriage of Usha and Aniruddha.