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Jamlu Devta Temple At Malana In Kullu District – Himachal Pradesh

Jamlu Devta temple is located at Malana, which is around 52 kms from Kullu town in Himachal Pradesh. The temple is around 23 kms trek from Jari Village.

Jamlu Devta is associated with Jamadagni Rishi father of Parashurama ad the sage who released many gods from the Chanderkhani pass in Kullu.

Jamlu is a powerful deity, exemplified by the fact that of all gods in Kullu, he alone pays no obeisance to Raghunath, and nor does he participate in the Dussehra celebrations. He is even said to have intimidated Emperor Akbar. A story tells of how a pilgrim from Malana arrived in Delhi where two coins he had were taken as tax. Soon thereafter, Akbar contracted leprosy and on the advice of Brahmins, had the treasury searched for the two coins, which were found glued to each other. Though the emperor could not return the coins in person, he sent them accompanied by images of himself and his court crafted in gold and silver.

The temple is the side of an annual festival, when the main murti is brought outside and displayed in a tent. Numerous relics and musical instruments are also worshipped here.