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Story Of Saint In Samadhi - Visited By Thief And Drunkard

The story of saint in samadhi visited by thief and drunkard was narrated by Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. The moral of the story is that our vasanas prevent us from seeing the truth.

Once a sage was lying by the roadside deeply immersed in Samadhi. A thief, while passing by that way, saw him and thought: ‘This fellow here must be a thief. He must have broken into some houses last night and is now sleeping through exhaustion. The police will be very soon here to catch him. So let me escape in time.’ Thus cogitating, he ran away.

Kandariya Mahadeva Temple - Early 11th Century CE 

Soon after, a drunkard came there, and seeing the sage, said, ‘Hallo! you have fallen into the ditch by drinking too much. Eh! I am steadier than yourself and am not going to tumble down.’

Last of all there came a sage, and realizing that a great saint was lying in the state of Samadhi, sat down by his side and began to press his holy feet gently.

Our worldly tendencies prevent us from recognizing true holiness and piety.