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Sidh Nath Temple At Baijnath In Himachal Pradesh

Sidh Nath Temple at Baijnath in Himachal Pradesh is located around 500 meters from the famous Baijnath temple. The 13th century temple stands at the western end of the Baijnath town in the center of the busy market.

Sidh Nath temple is built in pancharatha plan and has a square mandapa. The sanctum sanctorum or the garbha griha enshrines a Shivling. There are also many other murtis in the temple.

The Shikhara of the temple resembles that of Baijnath except it consists of seven horizontal units.

Belonging to the same period as the Baijnath temple, it is ornamented with floral and geometric designs in addition to sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses.

The temple is similar in its arrangement both in its interior and exterior to that of the main Baijnath temple. The temple faces east and consists of a square sanctum and mandapa. The sanctum is surmounted by a curvilinear shikhara topped by amalaka and divisible into seven bhumi amalakas. The mandapa stands on four round pillars and the ceiling is formed by overlapping slabs. The side opening of the mandapa are without pillars, and are closed by stone trellises. On the exterior and interior of the temple, the walls and roofs are profusely decorated with floral and geometrical designs and figures of deities.

The temple is a protected monument of national importance.