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Tarna Devi Temple In Mandi – Himachal Pradesh – Shyama Kali Temple

Tarna Devi temple, also known as Shyama Kali temple, is located atop Tarna Hill in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. One has to climb over 300 steps from Mandi Bazaar to reach the temple. There is also a motorable road.

History Of Tarna Devi Temple

Tarna Devi temple is best known for its beautiful garbhagriha or sanctum sanctorum, which was significantly renovated by Raja Balbir Singh in the 19th century. The temple was built by Raja Shyam Sen much earlier in 17th century.

Story Of Tarna Devi Temple

Raja Balbir Singh was imprisoned in Amritsar for refusing to pay tribute, and there his prayers to the Devi were answered by the visit of a young girl believed to be a form of Goddess Kali.

Upon his release, he commissioned talented artists from Jaipur to do some superb work in gold and glass in the inner sanctum of the temple.

The murti of Goddess worshipped in the temple is made out of black shila or stone and is three faced. She wears a silver crown.

The outer walls of the temple are decorated with paintings of the Devi in various avatars.