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Sant Tukaram – Quotes – Teachings – Sayings – Words of Wisdom of Sant Tukaram Maharaj

Below is a collection of quotes, sayings, teachings and wise words of wisdom from the abhangs of Sant Tukaram Maharaj. Today is the famous Tukaram Beej in Sri Kshetra Dehu, Pune, Maharashtra.

Pride of caste has never made any man holy.

I have been in tune with the infinite, and psychic dispositions take time to emerge. I am filled with spiritual pride and cannot control my limbs. Another voice speaks through me, and happiness and sorrow have lost their difference. I can hardly find words to describe my ecstasy to people. They may wonder at it and say this is impossible. Both my exterior and interior are filled with divine bliss.

Vishnu’ servants have no caste, the Veda’s science so decrees.

The shell of the coconut is hard, but the inside is excellent. In accordance with this, remember, that purity inside is what we aim at. The jackfruit has a thorny rind, but it is sweet within. The sugarcane is hard and black without but it is well flavored and sweet within. Our food owes its flavor to salt. The value of a thing depends on its inner qualities; what do its faults outside matter?

The essence of the endless Vedas is this: Seek the shelter of God and repeat His name with all thy heart. The result of the cogitations of all the Shastras is also the same; Tuka says: The burden of the eighteen Puranas is also identical.

Know him to be a true man who takes to his bosom those who are in distress. Know that God resides in the heart of such a one. His heart is saturated with gentleness through and through. He receives as his only those who are forsaken. He bestows on his man servants and maidservants the same affection he shows to his children. Tukaram says: What need is there to describe him further? He is the very incarnation of divinity. 

Saintliness is not to be purchased in shops nor is it to be had for wandering nor in cupboards nor in deserts nor in forests. It is not obtainable for a heap of riches. It is not in the heavens above nor in the entrails of the earth below. Tuka says: It is a life's bargain and if you will not give your life to possess it better be silent.

Worldly people are so blind and ignorant that they have forsaken true divinity and have resorted to worshiping imaginary gods.

As I meditated on the Lord, my mind and body were transformed. What can one say about the state? My sense of ‘I’-ness has become the Lord. As my mind subsided, it became pure consciousness, and I saw the entire creation as the Lord’s own form. ‘What can I say? There is only one, only one. My only thought is of Him.

How long shall I tell my mind not to run after everybody it sees? Idle affection is the cause of sorrow. Real happiness consists in leading a secluded life. Care not for praises or blame. Care not for compassion and affection. Care not for happiness and sorrow. Those who want to pursue God sit down at a place with determined effort. Think about it, my mind, says Tuka, and be as hard as adamant.

The self within me now is dead
And thou enthroned in it stead
Yea, this I, Tuka testify.
No longer now is ‘me and ‘my’

The knowledge gained from books is valueless to one who lacks experience. So is it with wealth that is passed into the hands of another.

When serenity is attained all troubles end. Keep your mind serene: it is secret of all achievements – Oye seekers of happiness and contentment. By the mind the mind is worshipped. Wishes are fulfilled within the mind. Mind is the mother of all. Mind is master and disciple. It renders valuable service to itself. Seekers, pupils, pundits, listeners and speakers hear what I say – there is no deity whatsoever other than this declares Tuka.

The jackfruit has a thorny rind, but it is sweet within.
The sugar cane is hard and black outside, but it is well flavored and sweet within.
Our food owes its flavor to salt.
The Value of a thing depends on its inner qualities; what do its faults outside matter?

How can there be any room left for other desires,
when my entire being is engrossed in Thee alone?
Nothing is now a barrier between Thee and me,
For the seed of devotion has borne its fruit.

Gone from my heart is the anguish of separation;
Why need I now bother to contemplate on Thee?
By the grace of Thy feet, O Lord, says Tuka,
The illusion of this world has been destroyed.

The entire world is God: This is the core of my teaching. First banish egoism; then you will come up to this test. Would you like to know the core of Divine Wisdom? This is my certain answer. Tuka says: Rise above the mind to destroy the ego.

Tinier than the tiniest atom, Tuka is vast as the sky! I swallowed and spat out the body — the very image of worldly delusion. I have abandoned the triplets (of knowledge, knower and known). The light is lit within the lamp. Tuka says: I now remain only for the service of all.

I gave birth to myself! I was conceived within my own body. Now all vows are fulfilled ; all desire is extinguished. I have become well and strong. I died away that time. I look on both sides. Tuka is what he is. 

Sant Tukaram Maharaj