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How To Face Difficult Times In Life?

There is no escape from difficult times in our life. It might be the death or losing someone dear and near, losing job, your own health, someone you care getting sick or relationship issues. The blow is too hard and unbearable. We are confused. Delusion sets in and the power of reasoning is lost. 

So, how to face difficult times in life?

Be prepared
While living our life to the fullest, we should also be preparing ourselves to face certain harsh truths about life. Any form of happiness that we derive from an external source is bound to snap one day. We need to drill this universal truth into our system.

Life is not always a smooth ride. There will be bumps, gutters and blockades. We need to be an efficient driver to drive in the road of life.

Life is also a job and we need to be good at this job too – extremely competent and resourceful.
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Never be dependent on a person, thing, or organization
Relying on or requiring a person or thing for support in life means, we are not independent. We should be our life-support system not an external source.

Too much obsession with anything is not good. Sanity should be maintained.

Love a person but do not be attached. While in love, do not surrender your individuality and self-respect.

Maintain dignity in all relationships. Parents, siblings, relatives, spouse, children, friends… all are part of our life. We love them. Love them without any expectation. Do not be possessive. Similarly, do not allow them to dictate you.

Golden rule is never trust an organization. You are only good until you make profit for them. So develop something of your own or make sure that you are indispensable. Always keep a second option of financial security alive.

Drop Fear and Confusion – Focus          
When life throws up tough situation do not panic. Focus. Never let fear to overpower you. You will be confused in the first few moments. But get back to yourself at the earliest.

Keep emergency numbers and contacts handy. Write it down and keep it in a visible place or easily accessible place.

Learn simple medical emergency tips. It can save a life.

When you need help, do not hesitate. Call for help. Take help from all possible sources. Do not let prejudice and ego overpower the situation.

Do Not Surrender
I am not going to be defeated. I am not going to die today. This should be the attitude. This is how you should face difficult times.

Tell to yourself that I will do everything that is possible to make sure that I come out of the difficult situation.

I will not let down those who look to me for strength and hope.