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Kamru Nag Temple At Kanthi Near Mandi – Himachal Pradesh – Kamrunag Lake With Jewelry And Money

Kamru Nag Temple At Kanthi in Himachal Pradesh is around 60 kms from Mandi town and 12 kms trek from Saroa Village. Kamru Nag is one of the most powerful gods in Mandi but the temple is so simple without any major architecture or structure. Devotees pour their offerings whether, jewelry or money into the Kamrunag Lake by which the wooden temple is built. The lake bed is supposedly piled high with money, jewelry and other valuables offered by devotees.

Kamru Nag Temple History

The Pandavas of the Mahabharata is believed to have worshipped this deity who was once a great warrior, and local legend tells that his mohra was brought to Kanthi village by a wandering sage, in ancient times.

Kamrunag Devta is he deity presiding over rainfall and therefore he is propitiated for good rainfall and an accident free rainy season.

Kanthi Kamru Nag temple is not easily accessible, it involves a long trek uphill but this does not prevent the pious devotees from thronging the sacred spot.

Thousands of devotees visit the temple during the Saranaholi Mela in June, when hundreds of goats are sacrificed to Kamru Nag.

Kamrunag Lake Story

The lake was created by Bhima, the second Pandava brother, who visited the place during the exile period. Bhima dedicated the lake go the Yakshas. In Hinduism, Yakshas are divine beings who are guardians of wealth hidden at different places on earth. Devotees visiting the temple and lake, believe the lake to be residence of Yakshas. To get their blessings and wish fulfillment devotees throw money, gold, silver and valuables into the lake.

Thieves who have attempted to take out the valuables from the lake have either died or gone mad due to the intervention of the guardian deities of the temples and Yakshas themselves.