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Parashar Rishi Temple And Parashar Lake In Mandi – Himachal Pradesh

Parashar Rishi temple and Parashar lake is located around 50 kms from Mandi town in Himachal Pradesh. The temple is set against the pretty lake. Sage Parashar is believed to have meditated in these serene surroundings.

Parashar Rishi temple is in the pagoda style, with three floors, the top-most holding a brass kalasha. The temple has been dated to the 14th century AD, to the reign of Raja Ban Sen.

Inside the Parashar Rishi temple there are wonderful wood carvings, especially along the door and window frames and outside a soothing panorama of the lake set against the background of distant mountains.

The sanctum sanctorum has two murtis of Parashara Rishi – one an ancient, black pindi, the other a far more modern sculpture, lit up with fluorescent lights. There are also murtis of Ganga, Yamuna, Shivling, Ganesha and other gods and goddess in the sanctum.

The windows of the temple are too carved beautifully – both Vishnu and Shiva are show separately, with dancing Gandharvas.

Winding Roads That Climb Up To The Temple

The temple is also renowned for its approach. The climb begins some 25 kms from Mandi, at the village of Kamand. Here, the road becomes rocky and slippery as the scenery gradually becomes almost ethereal. Winding its way through dense pine forests, the road eventually reaches the hill peak where, all around, are intensely green meadows, sparsely inhabited by families of cattle herders. The first view of the temple, towering above the softly lapping lake, is incredible.

Parashar Rishi Himself Telling How To Construct The Temple

The temple is believed to have suffered some damage from the earthquake of 1905 AD, and the 12 year old descendant of the artisan who originally built the shrine was called to repair it. It is also said that the original design of the temple was planned by Parashar Rishi himself who would appear to the architect every night and tell him what he should do the next day.