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Five Spots For Holy Bath In Bharathapuzha River – Pancha Snan Ghat In Kerala

Bharathapuzha is a holy river in Kerala and there are numerous famous temples and sacred spots on the banks of the river. Panchasnanaghat are five spots for taking holy bath in Bharathapuzha River.

The five holy spots are

  1. Thiruvilwamala
  2. Thrithala
  3. Thirunavaya
  4. Thirumittacode
  5. Thiruvanchikuzhi
The five holy spots are spread across Palakkad, Thrissur and Malappuram districts in Kerala.

Thiruvilwamala is famous for Thiruvilwamala Vilwadrinatha Temple. The presiding deities are Sree Rama and Lakshmana. The temple consists of two double-storied square-shaped sreekovils (sanctum sanctorum) and two anakkottils (platform for elephants). The murti of Sree Rama is 5 ft tall, and is carved on a rare stone known as Pathalanjana Sila.

The famous Punarjani Cave is situated near the temple. Entry to the cave is allowed only once a year on Guruvayur Ekadashi. On the eastern side of the temple, there stands a huge peepal tree.

Trithala is famous for the Kattil Madom temple dedicated to Shiva. The temple is rare domed structure in Kerala built with granite slabs.

Thrithala was the main locus of the legend of 'Parayi Petta Panthirukulam' (12 clans born of a low-caste woman). Vararuchi, a sage and scholar, who married a Parayi (a low-caste) and had 12 children by her, is said to have abandoned all the children soon after their birth at Thrithala. The 12 children, who were brought up by people from different castes, made Thrithala their Karma bhoomi.

Agnihothri, Vararuchi's first son, brought up by a Brahmin, is said to have conducted 99 yajnas (a ritual practice or offering) at Thrithala.

Thirunavaya is famous for the Thirunavaya Nava Mukunda temple, which is one of the oldest Vishnu temples in Kerala.

People throng to the banks of Bharathapuzha River here to perform the Bali Tharpanam for the departed souls on Karkidaka Vavu.

Thirumittakode is famous for the Thirumittakode Anchu Moorthy Temple which is one among the 108 Divya Desams and 108 Shiva temples in Kerala. The five murtis – one for Lord Shiva and four Vishnu – are known here as Thirumittakode Anchu (five) Moorthy Temple.

Thiruvanchikuzhi at Panjal is famous for a cave temple dedicated to Shiva. The water from Bharathapuzha enters the temple during heavy rains.