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Story - Sage Gautama Creates a New Eye to See Sage Vyasa

Sage Gautama was a great philosopher and author of several Holy Scriptures. The story of Sage Gautama creating a new eye to see sage Vyasa explains how difficult it is to conquer pride even for a sage.

Once during a discussion, Sage Vyasa criticized a book written by Sage Gautama on logic.

The discussion turned ugly when Sage Vyasa said that the book was worthless.

Veena Dharini Madanika - Holding Rudra Veena Belur Temple

The pride of Sage Gautama was hurt and he declared that from then onwards he will never look at the face of Sage Vyasa.

Sage Vyasa realized he made a mistake by hurting the pride of his friend. So he asked for forgiveness.

But Sage Gautama was adamant that criticizing his book was equal to criticizing his knowledge.

Sage Vyasa did not give up and kept pleading forgiveness.

Sage Gautama then decided to forgive Sage Vyasa. But he was not ready to break his promise of not looking at his friend. So the sage created a new eye and placed it on his right foot, and from there he looked at Sage Vyasa.