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Bhalei Mata Temple – History – Himachal Pradesh

Bhalei Mata temple, also known as Bhadrakal Bhalei Mata Mandir, is located at Bhalei village, around 30 kms from Chamba town, in Himachal Pradesh. Following the Ravi River on the road to Chamba town one passes the Chamera dam. A detour of about 14 kms across the barrage leads to the Bhalei Mata temple. At an altitude of over 1,100 m, the temple has breathtaking views of the river below.

Bhalei Mata murti, is carved out of black stone, is believed to have been found through a dream revelation. The shrine is dedicated to the Bhadrakali form of Mother Goddess Shakti.

Bhalei Mata Temple History

Raja Pratap Singh, who ruled in the 16th century CE, dreamt that the Devi wanted him to excavate a site approximately 3 kms from Bhalei, where he would find her image. Indeed a murti was unearthed, but on reaching Bhalei village the murti could not be lifted. This was taken as a sign that the Devi wanted to reside here, and accordingly a temple was built at the spot.

In 1973, the murti of Bhalei Mata was stolen from the temple sanctum but later discovered. It is believed that, since the theft, the murti sometimes perspires.