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Ishvara Gita Quotes

Ishvara Gita is found in the Kurma Purana – in it Shiva teaches Sanat Kumara and other rishis about the Supreme Soul and liberation.

It is Ahankar (ego) alone which, is attached to the souls of men, induces them to think that they act or suffer, or that they experience pleasure or pain.

It is Ahankar which is the root of that ignorance which leads men to consider Purusha and Prakriti to be the first causes, and to mistake the real nature of their souls.

But when they know that there is but one supreme soul, and that the soul of every man is of the same nature, immutable, passionless, and imperishable; then they become liberated from pleasure and pain, from anger and hatred, and from sin and its retribution.

Wise men, therefore, say that the supreme soul is adualistic, and that duality proceeds solely from Maya; and consequently, as the sky is not blackened by smoke, so is not the soul affected by the evil passions which arise in the mind; but as crystal shines with its own luster, so does the soul, exempt from Maya, retain its splendor unsullied.

Ishvara Gita on How to Obtain Supreme State of Happiness 

The invisible state of god is not denoted by any external indication; but when he manifests himself, then is light an indication of his divine being.

Divine knowledge, also, is another indication; for those who acquire it become acquainted with my real nature; and there is no other means by which I can be known.

Ignorance, therefore, is that darkness of understanding which creates a belief in the existence of this Maya-produced universe; but knowledge is pure brightness which dispels illusion and reveals the true nature of spirit.

Those, consequently, who learn to behold unity in diversity; to believe in this essential truth, that there is one god alone and no other; and to know that their own souls are that god, are liberated from the bonds of transitory existence, and obtain the most blessed of all states, identification with my essence: for I am that one god, without beginning, middle, or end; and whoever knows me, Ishwara, Mahadeva, to be that sole, supreme, and ineffably happy god, shall obtain final beatitude.