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Spiritual Experiences Cannot Be Described In Words – Swami Sivananda

Spiritual experiences cannot be described in words. Language is imperfect. They are to be felt and realised by the aspirants. Experiences vary. A devotee, a Yogi and a sage have different spiritual experiences in the beginning. Ultimately, the highest experience is one and invariable. The highest experience is that in which you become identical with the Absolute.

There is neither darkness nor void in this experience. It is all-light. You become a Sarvavit or all-knower. You know the mystery of creation. You get immortality, higher knowledge, and eternal bliss.

In meditation, new grooves are formed in the brain, and the mind moves upwards in the new spiritual grooves. When the mind becomes steady in meditation, the eyeballs also become steady. A Yogi whose mind is calm will have a steady eye. There will be no winking at all. The eyes will be lustrous, red or pure white.

When you enter into very deep, silent meditation, the breath will not come out of the nostrils. There may be occasional, slow movement of the lungs and the abdomen.

In profound and continued meditation, thinking ceases. There is only one idea of “I am the Infinite”, “Aham Brahmasmi”. When this idea also is given up, Nirvikalpa Samadhi ensues. Just as salt melts in water, the Sattvic mind melts in the Brahman, its Substratum.


Spiritual life is the only glorious life! Forget not this great message, O man of the earth! Nations are formed. Sections are raised. Wars are waged. Humanity is eager for any competitive race. Parties rival each other. But this is not in conformity with Truth. O unifying bonds of love! Remember the essential unity of the spirit, the oneness of life in all. Your real glory is in the life of unity and peace. Break down separations. Build up unity. This is glory! There is no glory in this mundane region, in this joyless world which is infected by change, decay and death. Destruction and sorrow leave not a single being untouched. Everything shall pass away. Nothing shall remain. The only substance, the vastu, the reality, that endures forever, is God or Brahman —-you may call Him by any name —-for He is the sole Existence. Resort to Him; take refuge in Him; realise Him and be free.

Swami Sivananda (8 September 1887 – 14 July 1963)