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Symbolism and Significance Of Rice In Hinduism

Rice or paddy is of great significance in Hinduism. Rice is known as Dhanya. It is one among the numerous names of Goddess Lakshmi. Thus rice symbolizes purity, fertility, bounty and prosperity in Hindu religion.

As rice is associated with fertility and prosperity it is used on all auspicious occasions.
In Hindu stories, it is associated with wealth and therefore symbolically likened to Lakshmi.

Rice is believed to scare away demons, particularly that check fertility. The practice of throwing akshata (unbroken rice) on the bridal couple arises from this belief.

Sweet rice preparation is offered in majority of Hindu temples as Prasad.

Rice is offered in innumerable ways in Hinduism. Starting from the birth of a child in the womb of the mother to the death the individual. Even after death, rice continues to play an important role as it is offered during annual shradh to the dead.

Rice of offerings to nature – birds and animals – are also a popular ritual among all Hindu communities.